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The Ductor process offers an effective solution to allow the processing of high nitrogen wastes. Nitrogen is removed in a pre-fermentation prior to the biogas process to prevent nitrogen inhibition in the main fermenter. The recovered nitrogen liquid phase can be used as fertilizer, whilst the nitrogen-reduced slurry can be fermented in a standard anaerobic digester. The digestate is upgraded to fertilizer or soil improver.


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Ductor Power Plant



Ductor’s first commercial plant in Jalisco, Mexico started operating in 2021. The plant is producing Ductor High Nitrogen Liquid Fertilizer 5-0-0 from chicken litter and is CDFA certified.

In Germany, Ductor installed its first add-on plant in Haren, Ems, allowing the operators to switch from corn to chicken litter as input. The plant ramp-up was completed in 2022 and it is producing Ammonium Sulphate Liquid and a solid soil improver.

Biogas silo ductor


 Products & Services

Patented Process

Ductor’s patented process is a significant advancement in biogas technology. High concentrations of nitrogen in organic materials, e.g., such as poultry manure or fish waste, have been a  challenge to biogas production in the past, as they are inhibitory. Traditional methods of removing nitrogen from feedstock have several disadvantages, such as reduced the biogas yield, need for important amounts of fresh water, requirement for costly supplemental feedstock, waste of valuable nutrients and operational instability. Ductor’s proprietary process reforms nitrogen recovery with a biological approach, which optimizes the operational,  economic and ecological performance of biogas production.

Poppy infront of the Ductor power plant
Biogas silo ductor

Versatile Product

Biogas is a multifunctional product that can be turned into biofuels for transportation, pipeline grade biomethane, or used to produce electricity or heat.

Biomethane is identical to its fossil fuel counterpart, which allows for seamless integration or replacement in existing operations and distribution infrastructure.

Compared to other renewable energy systems, such as solar or wind, biogas is a stable, continuous process, yielding constant supply of dispatchable energy, independent from weather and season. 


 Products & Services

Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer (available in US only)

Fertilizer High Nitrogen Liquid 5-0-0 Ductor Product
Ductor sustainable fertilizer

Solid Fertilizers
(coming soon)

Peat-free Soil improver

Peat-free Soil improver Ductor