Press Release


Bernard C. Fenner joins Ductor from True North Renewable Energy, LLC. where he acted as VP of Energy Services in charge of developing and growing the Organics to Energy business in California. Mr. Fenner has nearly 25 years of leadership and executive management experience, leading international and diversified teams and more than 12 years experience in renewable energy solutions in developing, building and operating of Organics to Renewable Natural Gas facilities.

Bernard brings much anticipated experience and energy to Ductor. I’m extremelly delighted that we are able to have him onboard at this very moment, when our company is moving to a new era. We are now moving from development phase to expansion and fully operational phase and will be opening new biogas facilities and will have many new projects coming our way in the coming years,” comments Mr. Ari Mokko, Ductor’s Co-founder and Chairman of the Board.

Ductor’s technology converts agricultural waste, such as chicken manure, into efficient organic fertilizer for large-scale farming and biogas in the form of biomethane to replace fossil fuel energy.

I’m really happy and excited about this opportunity. The high sustainable values of Ductor 
 absolutely match with my values to make our world a better place. We have ambitious growth  plans and my job is to make sure that these goals are being matched together with the very talented team we have at Ductor,” comments Mr. Fenner

Mr. Fenner has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical and Production Engineering and an Executive Master of Business Administration with an Emphasis in International Management. In his spare time, he enjoys running, dancing, hiking, climbing, travelling, cooking and spending time with his family.

Ductor is committed to increasing agricultural biodiversity, enriching soils, improving watersheds, and enhancing ecosystem services. We need to capture carbon in soil and above-ground biomass, reversing current global trends of atmospheric accumulation. Our job is to help nature do its job better by transforming organic waste into carbon-negative fertilizers and renewable energy. As nature alone can’t do this we need technologies like ours and especially people like Bernard to achive this,” Mr. Mokko concludes.