Funding round of Ductor Oy is now active

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Ductor Corporation is a biotechnology innovator providing biogas operators with a unique portfolio of proprietary, patented and tested technologies for improving the profitability and stability of their biogas businesses.

Ductor stands out in the biogas sector


Ductor at UK AD &  Biogas and World Biogas 2017

Mr. Ilkka Virkajärvi, CTO at Ductor, participated in the Purple Seminar 6.7.2017 and explained Ductor’s way to access current and new alternative feedstocks for AD.

Please read the bloq written by Stephen Last based on Ilkka’s presentation ‘Difficult waste and nitrogen, a problem solved and implications’.



Agricultural biogas plants under the new RES auction system in Poznań, Poland, 31 January 2017

It is estimated that about 100-120 agricultural biogas plant projects with average capacity of approx. 1 MW may be ready on the Polish market by the end of 2017. The agricultural biogas market is under development due to the RES auctions for these kind of plants in 2017.



Ductor at EBA Conference in Gent, Belgium, 27-29.9.2016

Commission Vice-President Mr. Jyrki Katainen, responsible for jobs, growth, investments and competitiveness said: ‘’Unfortunately very few of the abundant bio-waste resources are transformed into valuable fertilizing products although the key principle of the Circular Economy is the re-use of raw materials‘’. This spring the Commission has proposed the Regulation…


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