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Ductor is looking for project developers to cooperate with

Ductor began as a high tech startup company in 2009. Biotechnological research and product development brought about results with the discovery of the first tangible niche in improving the production efficiency of biogas used for energy. The method developed by Ductor enables the exploitation of high-nitrogen raw materials in biogas production. Valuable refined fertilizers are gained as a by-product. This revolutionary method is both commercially lucrative and environmentally sound.

The large-scale exploitation of high-nitrogen waste has not been possible before because the nitrogen in the raw material causes problems during the biogasification process. Through Ductor’s innovation, this nitrogen can be removed from the raw material used in biogas production before production begins. Our patented technology has global market and demand for solutions to improve the profitability of biogas production is tremendous.

Now we are looking for developers of biogas projects to find new customers and coordinate these projects. If you have what it takes, please come to visit us at: EXPOBIOGAS in Strasbourg, 6-7 June 2018 – stands F40C & F40D.

Let’s do business together!

Additional information: minna.leppikorpi(at)ductor.com