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Ductor as the Finland 100 main partner

Ductor, a biotechnological cleantech company based in Helsinki, is organising the Finland 100 anniversary concert at the Berliner Philharmonie on 27 November 2017 as the main partner of the Embassy of Finland in Germany. Ductor’s goals are in line with Finland’s environmental policy, aiming to slow down the climate change, enhance recycling, promote sustainable food production and develop renewable energy for a better future in a healthier environment.

Ductor began as a high tech startup company in 2009. Biotechnological research and product development brought about results with the discovery of the first tangible niche in improving the production efficiency of biogas used for energy. The method developed by Ductor enables the exploitation of high-nitrogen raw materials in biogas production. Valuable refined fertilizers are gained as a by-product. This revolutionary method is both commercially lucrative and environmentally sound.

Ductor’s CEO, Ari Ketola, is pleased with the ethically solid business: “Up till now, biogas raw material has consisted of energy crops, such as maize grown for the very purpose. In a world suffering from a food shortage, that’s a waste. In the meantime, the by-product of industrialised foodstuff production provides organic flows that have been exploited inefficiently. Biodegradable food waste, agricultural waste and slaughterhouse waste are all raw material suitable for biogas production. These now can be exploited with Ductor’s fermentation technology.”

The large scale exploitation of high-nitrogen waste has not been possible before because the nitrogen in the raw material causes problems during the biogasification process. Through Ductor’s innovation, this nitrogen can be removed from the raw material used in biogas production before production begins. Thanks to Ductor’s fermenting technology, valuable nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers, can be made as a by-product of the biogasification process.

The company’s ambitious goal is to get the whole world involved in circular economy with the company’s technology, which slows down the progression of climate change and produces zero emission renewable energy and sustainable food production by recycling nutrients.

Ductor moving on to Germany to boost bioenergy

Ductor is interested in the German markets because after the so-called Energiewende, or decision to phase out nuclear energy, thousands of biogas power plants have been established in Germany and Ductor’s production method will improve their efficiency. The first facility in Germany will be built in Niedersachsen.

Ductor is the main partner of the Embassy of Finland at the Philharmonie anniversary concert in order to raise German audience awareness of the possible solutions to environmental problems. “Bioenergy and the waste problem don’t sound very lofty, but solving these issues is worth a very special celebration,” says CEO Ketola. Without private partners, the Embassy would not be able to organise a big concert. For the occasion of the 100th Independence Day of Finland, it was decided to bring these resources together and show people that Finnish and German cooperation is beneficial not only in the world of music, but in high-tech and commercial exchange as well.

The Philharmonie Finland 100 anniversary concert will feature for the first time Finnish top musicians of different musical genres, living in Germany. The repertoire includes Finnish classical and light music, contemporary music and jazz. The concert will be held at the Berlin Philharmonie Chamber Music Hall on Monday, 27 November 2017 at 19:00. The hall seats an audience of more than 1,200. Tickets will be on sale in September.

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Ductor Finland 100 – The main partner mitigating the progression of climate change and producing renewable energy and sustainable food production by recycling nutrients for a better future.