Press Release

Ductor Biogas Sweden AB and CA Cedergren have signed Cooperation Agreement


Press Release

In July 2022 the companies officially signed a 20 years’ contracts for the land lease and the supply of chicken manure for the installation of a biogas facility in Fliseryd, Mönsterås. The land area – located approximately one km from the Cedergren operations – will be used to build and run Ductor biogas and fertilizers plant. With two plants, in Mexico and Germany respectively, and numerous projects in the pipeline Ductor could prove living up to its purpose: To unlock bio-resources to make food sustainable and energy clean. The prospect of having a third operating facility of the circular model running in Sweden, expecting to start operation in 2024, takes the company one large step further on the road of circular economy.

“Our patented technology convinces through its simplicity by which the accumulation challenges of organic wastes in the agriculture and food industry can be solved. We combine patented microbiology with standard industry equipment making the process extremely flexible and applicable in diverse environments and geographies across the globe.

“I am proud and happy that our Sweden Country Manager Jorma Liikamaa has been able to reach this stage of partnership with our partner CA Cedergren and look optimistically into the future producing carbon reduced biogas and fertilizers in Fliseryd.”, says Bernard C. Fenner, CEO of Ductor Group. “Decentralized and resilient solutions to energy and fertilizer production contribute to global energy and food security” he adds.

Ductor is striving to expand its activities in further European countries and the U.S. within the next years.


More information on Ductor’s technology can be found on the company’s website www.ductor.com.

Contact Ductor: Leonie Boller (Head of Marketing, leonie.boller@ductor.com) or Jorma Liikamaa (Ductor Biogas Sweden AB Managing Director, jorma.liikamaa@ductor.com) 073 – 99 00 548

Contact Cedergren: Claes Cedergren (CA Cedergren, Chief Executive Officer, claes@ca-cedergren.se) 0491-76 71 00