Ductor Corporation is a company with a unique portfolio of proprietary and patented technology to improve waste management, energy and food production.

Ductor technology is ready to be integrated into biogas production. Ductor’s innovation serves biogas production for nitrogen control and process stabilization. Our process enables the increased utilization of cheap sustainable feedstocks.

Video on Ductor Process

Ductor's proprietary process technology provides nitrogen control and process stabilization for biogas plants. It removes the desired level of nitrogen from organic waste, and therefore enables increased use of cheap, more diverse feedstocks closer to the plant. Ductor's technology is ready to be added to any biogas plant as a pre-process with throughput times of less than 48 hours.

References & Partnerships

“It must be concluded that the Ductor process is able to stabilize the nitrogen concentration when using nitrogen rich substrates for anaerobic digestion."
Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Joachim Krassowski

“Ductor development of technology for the recycling of ammonia and phosphorous is an excellent idea."
Max Planck Institute, Prof. Marc Strous